Services for Businesses

Cate, Terry & Gookins, LLC provides services for a large number of institutional, or business clients on an ongoing basis. The attorneys at Cate, Terry & Gookins, LLC represent Indiana businesses with transactional and litigation needs related to corporate structure, share holder agreements, buy sell agreements, financing, succession planning, non-compete agreements, industry compliance, employment law, and much more.

Whether your business has a local Indiana presence or has grown to have a global footprint, Cate, Terry & Gookins LLC can provide services to protect the longevity of your business. We strive to form relationships with leaders in your organization and get to know your business operations in an endeavor to provide accurate, detailed, advice.

We offer our business and corporate clients varied fee structures that suit their budgets and demands. Some clients elect to keep our attorneys on a monthly retainer while others simply pay for services on an hourly basis. If you are interested in the fee structures we offer please talk to one of our attorneys today.

If you would like to talk to an attorney at Cate, Terry & Gookins LLC about what services we can provide your organization you may contact us by calling 317-564-0016 or learn more about what services we can provide by clicking one of the links below.

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