Local Counsel Services

When large, high stakes litigation is pending outside of the county where your firm routinely practices, knowing a court’s policies, procedures, and expectations can make a significant difference in the outcome of your client’s case. Assessing judicial temperament and preparing oral arguments can be difficult, uncertain, and stressful for attorneys or their clients.

Cate, Terry & Gookins, LLC recognizes the importance and impact local counsel can have on pending litigation. This is why we offer local counsel services in Hamilton County and Marion County to outside law firms. The attorneys at our firm routinely appear in front of judges in both counties and are intricately familiar with the policies and procedures in these courts. CTG Attorney, Dan Pfleging, served as a Hamilton County Superior Court Judge for 12 years and as a magistrate for 10 years; Dave Seiter served as a judicial officer in Marion County for three and a half years and maintained a practice there for fourteen years; Russell Cate was a former deputy prosecuting attorney for two years and a public defender for two years in Hamilton County; and Stephenie Gookins has been a public defender in the county for 15 years.

The attorneys at CTG have served as local counsel on both criminal and civil cases to solo practitioner’s and national law firms. Local counsel services are provided on an hourly basis with negotiable rates dependent upon the complexity, nature, and work load requirements. If your client needs local counsel please contact an attorney at Cate, Terry & Gookins, LLC to discuss your needs.