Indianapolis Paternity Lawyers

Paternity is a legal action for determining the father of a child born outside of marriage.  Paternity cases are filed by unmarried mothers seeking child support from the father or fathers to obtain visitation after the child’s mother has cut off contact between Father and child(ren).

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Determining Paternity in Indiana

Hospitals in Indiana have a form where the name of the presumptive father can be placed on the birth certificate. However, unless you are married, having your name on the birth certificate does not establish paternity.

Regardless of whether your name is on a child’s birth certificate, you are not legally the father unless you were married to the mother when the baby was born. A paternity action is required for men to establish their legal rights as the father of a child or for a mother to obtain child support. For fathers, without an order of paternity, the mother can withhold parenting time indefinitely. For mothers, child support and prenatal expenses cannot be recovered unless the court orders it. Parties often wish to forego paternity proceedings because they believe it is not worth the expense, however, choosing not to establish paternity can be far most costly to both sides.

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