Domestic Relations Mediation

Mediation can be a beneficial tool to resolve many types of cases, especially family law matters.  In Indiana, many courts will order the parties to participate in mediation prior to a hearing being scheduled with a judge to resolve outstanding issues between parties.

Stephenie K. Gookins, at Cate, Terry & Gookins, LLC is a Registered Domestic Relations Mediator who can assist you with mediation services with a practical approach.

Mediation can be used to resolve numerous aspects of a domestic relations case including the initial dissolution, child support, post-secondary education issues, parenting time modifications, or property settlement.  The mediation process can be used to resolve all outstanding issues in a pending case or it can help resolve a portion of the issues to reduce the amount of time the case must be litigated in court.

Mediation allows lparticipants to remain in control of the outcome instead of leaving it up to the Court. Parties work together utilizing the neutral mediator to identify issues, negotiate settlement terms and come to an agreement. No one knows your family better than you do; the mediation process allows the parties and the mediator to craft creative solutions tailored to meet your family’s needs that the Court may not understand.

Litigation is an adversarial process that tends to increase negative feelings between the parties. Mediation emphasizes cooperation and can be less stressful for everyone involved. The mediator will assist parties in finding common ground and feel comfortable with the mediation process. Mediation can reduce the emotional strain associated with litigation, as well as the legal fees associated with lengthy and expensive litigation in court.


Most importantly, the mediation process is confidential. Ideas, thoughts, settlement proposals expressed in mediation are confidential and cannot be used in Court if the parties do not reach an agreement through mediation.  The mediator cannot be called a as a witness by either party to testify in court about what occurred at mediation.

If you find yourself in need of mediation services, please contact Stephenie K. Gookins at Cate, Terry & Gookins, LLC to schedule a mediation date.  Parties can agree to mediate a case on their own or through their attorneys or the Court can order the parties to mediation.  Regardless of how you have arrived at the decision to mediate your domestic relations matter, Stephenie is prepared to handle the mediation for you and strives to achieve results that are practical, cost-efficient, and tailor-made for your family.