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When parents of minor children divorce, the issue of child support is a vital concern. At Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC, we understand that  in a child support dispute the well-being of your child is at stake, as well as your own financial stability.  Indiana recognizes child support as a right of children. Courts will use worksheets to determine the presumptive amount of support based on a variety of factors. However, child support calculations are complex and deviations from the presumptive amount can occur.

Child support can be modified from an original court order or prior agreement of the parties. Indiana law dictates when a modification may be filed. Consult an Indianapolis child support attorney to determine whether your circumstances warrant the need for a child support modification. Call us today to schedule an appointment 317-564-0016.

Personalized Service To Protect Your Child

When children are involved in a divorce, we take strides to help our clients protect the best interests of their children. The child support guidelines are intended to help ensure that both parents contribute to a stable environment for the child. Unfortunately, parents frequently disagree on how the money is spent within the household. While child support calculators and worksheets provide a presumptive range for courts to consider, analyzing the whole picture is important. We are skilled in analyzing the unique nuances of each household to arrive at a fair and reasonable child support calculation. We can help you negotiate or litigate a fair and reasonable support calculation.

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We draw on our experience in family law and our financial acuity to obtain the most favorable outcome on behalf of our clients. We will work through the child support guidelines in an initial consultation to help you understand the presumed child support in your specific circumstances.

When you work with our lawyers, we will take the time to analyze the relevant factors and explain your legal options, including if your particular circumstances or the needs of your child are appropriate to seek a deviation from the presumed child support guidelines. Our business experience is valuable for clients who are self-employed, own a business or are underemployed in evaluating the nuances of child support calculations.

It is also important to consider that in family law cases, there are often several moving parts. A petition for modification of parenting time can also trigger a petition for modification of child support, a child going to college can cause a change in child support and need for a post-secondary education order, and a change in one or both parent’s income or cost of health insurance can all be reason to re-examine a child support calcuation. For this reason it is essential that you contact an attorney at Cate, Terry & Gookins, LLC to discuss your circumstances before filing any documentation with the court.

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To arrange an initial consultation with an attorney who will put your child’s interests first, send us a message online, or call our office in Carmel, Indiana at 317-564-0016. We represent clients in Hamilton, Marion, Boone, Johnson, Shelby, Monroe, Madison, Hancock, Hendricks, and Johnson Counties.