Specialized Driving Privileges

Losing the ability to drive because of a suspended license can be devastating for an individual and their family. The inability to drive can mean the inability to get to and from work to support one’s family. Thankfully, Indiana lawmakers created Specialized Driving Privileges to help ease the burden of a suspended license on individuals who have been convicted of a criminal offense, have a criminal offense pending, or whose driving privileges have been suspended by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Specialized Driving Privileges typically allow individuals the ability to drive to, from, and during the course of employment. In some circumstances, a court will grant the ability to drive to special appointments such as medical treatment, family appointments, and probation appointments.
The attorneys at Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC have helped Indiana residents all over the state obtain specialized driving privileges in spite of having an active license suspension. To determine whether you qualify for Specialized Driving Privileges give the attorneys at Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC a call to discuss your situation.