Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can take many forms from litigating the breach of a non-compete agreement to landlord/tenant disputes. Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC has experience litigating a broad spectrum of civil cases. Our attorneys can represent you or your business regardless if you are having to defend a lawsuit or if you have suffered damages and need to recover what is owed.

It does not matter if your case involves a simple eviction or damages in excess of $100,000.00 our attorneys have the knowledge, experience, familiarity and comfort in the courtroom to zealously advocate on your behalf. There are times when litigation takes place outside of a courtroom. Our attorneys have experience litigating matters in front of administrative agencies such as medical licensing boards and in binding arbitration.

If you or your business is involved in a dispute and you anticipate that litigation may be necessary, call Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC to begin developing a strategy to your case. A well crafted strategy, executed early in a dispute can often help avoid the necessity of litigation. Contact Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC  online or by phone at 317-564-0016 to discuss your case and preserve your rights.