Automotive Dealership Representation

Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC maintains a rapidly growing practice representing automotive dealerships in Indianapolis and across the State of Indiana. In the ever competitive auto industry where dealerships are competing to maximize profits, industry leading dealerships have recognized that they can save on legal expenses without sacrificing the quality and accuracy of the advice they are accustomed to receiving.

Attorney Russell Cate seeks to meet the needs of dealerships transitioning away from big firms and the large bills associated with their services. Russell and the attorneys at Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC offer varied billing structures that meet needs unique to each dealership. From hourly rates that are one-half to one-third of those charged by other firms to capped monthly attorney fee rates, our firm will craft a fee arrangement that gives you the peace of mind knowing your ads are in compliance, regulations are met, and lingering legal questions are answered.

At Cate Terry & Gookins, our attorneys handle matters related to regulatory and advertising compliance, manufacturer disputes, consumer complaints, environmental and lemon law claims, employee disputes, stock purchase agreements, replevin actions, succession planning, and collections.

Our attorneys seek to know your dealership and its owner and management team on a personal level. It is not unusual for our attorneys to routinely stop by their client’s dealerships just to meet the points of contact they will be working directly with and to learn how the dealership operates.

If you would like more information on how Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC can help increase your dealership’s bottom line without sacrificing the accuracy and quality of legal advice your dealership receives, call Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC at 317-564-0016, or complete this contact form, to learn how we can help you.