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Attorney Stephenie Gookins Wraps Up Another Successful Year of Mock Trial

By Russell B. Cate, Member The 19th Annual Hamilton County Bar Association Mock Trial Competition took place from January 16, 2019 – February 20, 2019. Cate Terry & Gookins Attorney, Stephenie Gookins is the coordinator for the competition. Stephenie enjoys watching high school students develop their trial skills throughout the competition and is constantly amazed by how well the kids represent their respective schools. Each year, Stephenie dedicates countless hours preparing the teams, scheduling competitions, locating judges, and coordinating space for the competition to occur. The Hamilton County Bar Association is fortunate to have Stephenie working so hard to help develop
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Why Does My Criminal Record Still Show Up After I Had it Expunged?

By: Russell B. Cate, Member Attorney. I have handled countless criminal expungements in counties across the State of Indiana. When I meet with clients I always tell them that the expungement process is not perfect. The expungement process, does however, provide individuals who may have made an error in judgment in the past the next best thing to a clean slate. Many clients want to know why the expungement process does not “clear their record.” The reason the process is not perfect is because Indiana’s Second Chance Law, or the expungement statutes as they are sometimes referred, only requires certain
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What Do I Do If I Have Been Arrested in Hamilton County, Indiana?

By: Russell B. Cate, Member Being arrested can be scary, confusing, and embarrassing. If you have never been arrested in Hamilton County, Indiana before, you and your family may not know what to do. Each county has a different set of procedures law enforcement follows once someone is taken to jail before they are able to be released. If you are arrested in Hamilton County, Indiana, you may receive a “summons arrest” which is a piece of paper instructing you on when and where to report to court. Instead of going to jail, you must report to court at the
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