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What happens when you are in an accident without insurance?

By: Moncerrat Alvarez, Law Clerk. Getting into an accident is not only inconvenient, but also expensive. The costs can add up very quickly when you start taking into consideration the cost of fixing your car, your medical bills, and how long you will be out of work because of this accident. You then have to ask yourself, was the accident my fault? If so the expenses only grow when you add in the other party’s damages. Indiana is one of the many states in which the person who causes the accident is the person who will have to pay for
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Thinking of Divorce?

By: Moncerrat Alvarez, Law Clerk. Recently, studies have shown that the rate of divorce has been decreasing within the last decade. Although in recent years divorce rates have gone down, they are still double of what they were in the 1960s. There are studies that go to say that almost half of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce. Taking that into account, here are some things to consider and steps to take when pursuing a divorce. The first thing to take into consideration is whether you actually want to get divorced. Before pursuing legal action, really
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